By: Carlina A. Shotwell

This is a tale of a foster youth's journey. In this young male's journey he is faced with obstacles that only a foster youth would fully understand. This tale applies true meaning to the longing for a loving and caring home. No one longs for this more than a foster youth.

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A Dose of Betrayal
By: Brianna Ward

Roselyn was blessed to marry a wealthy man whom she believed was more than willing to share his lavish lifestyle with her. However, she would soon learn that the two of them did not share the same dreams. Was she willing to sacrifice her own dreams for his? Or would she take drastic measures to quench the thirst of her own desires, thus hindering her marriage?

The Miseducation of the Privileged

Sunshine, Rain
Love and Pain

Sunshine, Rain 
By: Paula Duggins

​Sunshine, Rain Love and Pain is a book of poetry that expresses the highs and lows of love and invites you to embrace the joys and pain, and consequently the Sunshine and the Rain.

The Miseducation of the Privileged
By: Nash


A tale of a foster youth's journey home

A Dose of Betrayal