Brianna Ward is a Native Pitt County resident residing in Greenville, NC who has been writing since high school. In addition to aspiring to fulfill various business ventures, she passionately desires to encourage and inspire upcoming authors who have their own stories to tell.


Paula Duggins is a down home country girl & educator from Martin County, NC who loves to write, loves poetry, and loves life. She has 5 beautiful children who are the loves of her life and to whom she is very proud.


Ashley Nash is currently a student at South Carolina State University where she is a Psychology major. She is a graduate of Wade Hampton High School and is originally from Spartanburg, SC but has lived in multiple cities in South Carolina. Nash currently resides in Orangeburg as she finishes up her bachelor's degree program.

Carlina Shotwell is a former foster youth from North Carolina. She has been through many obstacles while living within the foster care system that have helped mold her into the woman she is today. Carlina's goal is to help shed a positive light on foster care with this great story of a foster youth's journey home.